The foundry is specially designed for the chilled casting of camshafts and has the capacity to produce 14,000 tons of saleable castings a year, produced by the 131 employees at the foundry. The special chilled casting methods used at the foundry provides the necessary hardness at specific points on the camshaft blank during the casting procedure. This is done by chilling the desired areas so the camshafts will not need any further hardening treatments such as induction and flame hardening. Therefore, this means that the camshafts do not suffer from problems which often occur during the hardening procedures, such as cracks. Also, the chilled cast camshafts keep their lubrication very well, meaning the camshaft life is longer than other camshafts in the market.

Machining Plant
As the camshafts are made from the chilled cast blanks provided from the neighbouring Estas foundry, the machining plant has the capacity to produce 600,000 camshafts per year with one shift. The plant is equipped with induction hardening, flame hardening and gas-salt carburising facilities in order to harden forged steel and steel camshafts and also has a phosphate bath facility. The production is performed by 261 skilled and experienced employees on CNC and machines.
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