ESTAŞ Camshafts

In addition to being the original parts manufacturer, ESTAŞ is exporting camshafts to the spare parts market of 40 countries. ESTAŞ's production program has over 2500 camshafts belonging to the common vehicle and equipment engines worldwide.

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ESTAŞ Medical

In the first place, ESTAS Medical, which carried out the design and production activities of Diaphysis and Arthrodesis prostheses used for the treatment of bone tumors, added different product groups used in orthopedics, neurosurgery and maxillofacial surgery in a short time with its experience and dynamism. Estas is also producing high quality dental implants.

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ESTAŞ Gloves

Gloves, which are all imported in our country, have become more of a necessity especially during the pandemic period. Estaş realized this deficiency throughout the country and made an attempt to invest in the production of Nitrile Gloves.


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