Estas was founded in 1977, in Sivas, Turkey and was the first company to produce camshafts in the country.Main strong sides of the ESTAS are not only having machining plant it has a camshaft dedicated foundry and own heat treatment facilities which include case carburizing,induction hardening and sub-zero treatment. After supplying camshafts for the aftermarket in the early years, Estas moved on to the production of camshafts as original equipment and today supply camshafts to 16 different vehicle manufacturers for their engines. Besides the original equipment market, Estas also exports camshafts to the aftermarket in 40 countries across the world. The current production range of Estas consists of more than 1800 different camshafts varieties, which are suitable for the majority of vehicle engines worldwide.

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Halis Vermezoğlu Cad. PK: 22
58060 - Sivas - Turkey
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Phone: +90 346 218 12 20

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